Friday, November 5, 2010

Stance And Golf Swing

The stance is important to golfers that are trying to
make the best golf swing. It is important to get in
position and make sure that you use proper posture
when playing golf.

The back should be straight at all times to protect
your back against injuries. The arms and hands must
hang down below your shoulders. Most players will
assess their location of the arms and hands before
they set up their ball. The left arm should hang

The posture or stance is not negotiable. To make a
good golf swing, the posture must be correctly in
position. All professional players make sure they have
the proper stance down in order to progress.

The Fundamental Of Golf Swing

All professional players’ focus on the fundamentals of
playing golf and the swings; the fundamentals also
include the grip, proper ways to hold the club,
posture, setting up the ball, etc.

Setting up the ball properly is the chief to
successfully improving the golf swing. Setup includes
the width of the stance, knee flex, straight posture,
or back, bends from the hip sockets, and the angle of
the back, which is maintained from the swing. Pivot is
another fundamental of playing golf.

How the player moves his body depends on his ability
to make an effective golf swing. The player pivots the
body so that it moves the toes and head in order and
excludes the arms and hands.

Golf Swing

Golf is an outdoor sport, which involves individuals
with clubs in their hands, balls as their weapons and
holes as their targets. The battle is won when one
completes 18 holes in the game, in accordance with the
games rules.

A single play is called as a Round. Golf is one of
those few games, which is not confined by a specific
playing area.

The rich man's game is a little complex to understand,
learn and play; but if you're seriously up for it,
then you're in for some big money. So, let's look at
one of the most important aspects of golf-play, the
Golf Swing.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Buy Golf Accessories at Unbelievable Prices

Playing golf without accessories is a bit like eating
bread without butter - possible, but really yucky!

Golf accessories can include the basic must-haves like
balls and cases for your clubs to the high-end,
nice-to-haves like handheld computers for keeping
scores or tailor-made gloves.

As you may imagine, not only are these accessories
terribly expensive but frills quickly become
necessities in no time at all. So how can a golf
addict buy these accessories at reasonable prices