Friday, November 5, 2010

Stance And Golf Swing

The stance is important to golfers that are trying to
make the best golf swing. It is important to get in
position and make sure that you use proper posture
when playing golf.

The back should be straight at all times to protect
your back against injuries. The arms and hands must
hang down below your shoulders. Most players will
assess their location of the arms and hands before
they set up their ball. The left arm should hang

The posture or stance is not negotiable. To make a
good golf swing, the posture must be correctly in
position. All professional players make sure they have
the proper stance down in order to progress.

The Fundamental Of Golf Swing

All professional players’ focus on the fundamentals of
playing golf and the swings; the fundamentals also
include the grip, proper ways to hold the club,
posture, setting up the ball, etc.

Setting up the ball properly is the chief to
successfully improving the golf swing. Setup includes
the width of the stance, knee flex, straight posture,
or back, bends from the hip sockets, and the angle of
the back, which is maintained from the swing. Pivot is
another fundamental of playing golf.

How the player moves his body depends on his ability
to make an effective golf swing. The player pivots the
body so that it moves the toes and head in order and
excludes the arms and hands.

Golf Swing

Golf is an outdoor sport, which involves individuals
with clubs in their hands, balls as their weapons and
holes as their targets. The battle is won when one
completes 18 holes in the game, in accordance with the
games rules.

A single play is called as a Round. Golf is one of
those few games, which is not confined by a specific
playing area.

The rich man's game is a little complex to understand,
learn and play; but if you're seriously up for it,
then you're in for some big money. So, let's look at
one of the most important aspects of golf-play, the
Golf Swing.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Buy Golf Accessories at Unbelievable Prices

Playing golf without accessories is a bit like eating
bread without butter - possible, but really yucky!

Golf accessories can include the basic must-haves like
balls and cases for your clubs to the high-end,
nice-to-haves like handheld computers for keeping
scores or tailor-made gloves.

As you may imagine, not only are these accessories
terribly expensive but frills quickly become
necessities in no time at all. So how can a golf
addict buy these accessories at reasonable prices

How Golf Accessories Can Improve Your Game

Other than hiring expensive tutors, golf pros use many
other tricks in order to improve their game. Rigorous
and regular practice is, of course, an obvious tactic.

However, most pros will also exploit their golf
accessories in many which ways. If you do the same, it
will help improve your game and reduce your handicap
as well.

Many pros will attach golf weights to the ends of
their clubs. Then they practice their slow swings with
the additional weights. This offers 3 distinct
benefits -

Must-Have Golf Accessories That Leave You Drooling

Here is a quick check-list of the "It" golf
accessories that are must-haves. See if you have them
in your golf cart, and if you don’t, put them right on
top of your shopping list for golf accessories.

For rookies who keep losing their balls or golfers who
cannot keep track of the balls they have hit, this is
a god-send. People buy different types and brands of
glasses that can keep the golf ball outlined against
the grass.

These glasses remove light emitting from non-ball
objects so that the only visible object in your line
of vision is the errant ball.

Putting greens that throw balls your way and provide
inputs on your strokes are must-haves with serious
golfers. You may have thought that tees have become as
sophisticated as possible but a new version is out
these days.

Ladies Golf Attire and Fashion

I was perusing Golf for Women the other day and
wondered where are the women who wear the golf attire
modeled in women’s golf magazines? I’ve never seen
women, professionals included, who would dress in such
expensive and outrageous clothes!

It’s easy to spend money outfitting yourself for golf.
Hats, sunglasses, gloves, shirts, shorts, socks,
windbreakers and shoes all add up quickly, even if you
shop the sales. Add in equipment, bag and cart and you
have to play quite often to keep down the "CPU" - cost
per use.

One glossy advertisement showed a model in short
shorts (like that’s allowed on courses!) that cost
$275, the Tse golf shirt ($595), jacket by Ralph
Lauren ($185) and two-toned Utuser shoes ($425).

Golf - Beginner Basics V Putting

"Drive for show, putt for dough" is the lesson we’ve
all seen and learned from watching professional
golfers in every tournament and championship.

The masters of golf can drive a ball from here to
eternity, but it all boils down to how many strikes of
the ball it takes to put the ball in the hole. The
long accurate drives don’t amount to anything if
you’re unable to putt accurately.

Choosing a putter is important, but using whatever
putter you have consistently is more so. I’ve had the
same putter for fifteen years; I know what it feels
like in my hand, I know its weight and how that plays
into my putts.

Golf - Beginner Basics IV The Short Game

We’ve all the seen the long accurate drives of Tiger
Woods. The ball flies through the air and lands in the
middle of the fairway, 300 yards away.

The green-eyed monster of envy consumes us as we
wonder if we could ever hope to drive like that.
Fortunately, long drives are not the be-all-end-all
game of golf.

Enter the short game. Without good short game skills,
all the long drives are for naught.

The short game is those shots that get us onto the
green from about one hundred feet out, be it from the
fairway, a bunker, the rough or a drop zone and
includes chips, sand shots and pitches.

Golf - Beginner Basics III The Long Game

The long game refers to your drives (shots off the
tee) and fairway shots; everything short of the shots
you make to get onto the green.

Each hole has a different difficulty level, different
par and distinctive hazards, so instructing you to use
your Driver on every tee would be blatantly wrong.

This is something you will learn over time as you
learn the various shots you make according to the
club, the placement of the ball and your personal

How to Choose Golf Shoes

Your swing will change, your accuracy and distance
will improve with practice, and you’ll become deadly
with a putter, but you will always do these things
while standing on your feet.

Your feet need to be comfortable! Have you ever
developed a blister while walking or running? It’s all
you can think about and it ruins the experience. Don’t
let uncomfortable shoes ruin your golf game.

This is one area where you shouldn’t let your
frugality make the decision for you. You will be
wearing these shoes many times and they should be
considered an investment.

Golf - Beginner Basics II What to keep in your golf bag.

There are many golf bags available, some designed for
fashion, some for utility and some that combine both
features. There are big bags, bigger bags and bags so
big that they would keep everything I need for a long
weekend vacation in one of the side pockets!

Generally speaking, you need a bag just large enough
to hold your clubs, extra balls, your glove, tees, car
keys, extra pencils, ball markers, a ball retriever,
sunscreen, a windbreaker and a large umbrella.

It is also a good idea to have a packet of tissues, a
band-aid or two, and if you play courses where insects
are a problem, a can of bug repellent comes in very

Golf-Beginner Basics I

The popularity of golf has increased tremendously over
the past forty five years, giving us champions like
Arnold Palmer, Greg Norman, and Tiger Woods, and
world-renowned courses like Pinehurst, Augusta
National and the Blue Monster at Doral.

Why has golf become so popular? It’s the opportunity
to be outside, to get a good whole body workout,
network with friends or business colleagues at a
leisurely pace, and to play a game that you can never

Your scorecard, over time, shows your improvement,
which keeps you playing again and again.

Choosing Golf Equipment

Buying golf equipment can be like dumping money into a
money pit, but armed with some knowledge you can save
time and money in selecting the right clubs for
yourself. As with most things in life, you can spend a
lot or you can spend a little several times before you
get what you really need.

If you are first starting out and not completely sure
you want to commit to this addictive game, you should
either rent clubs at the golf course, or buy a starter
set of clubs.

Buying a set of started clubs enables you to become
accustomed to them; enabling you to concentrate on
your swing instead of wondering how this set of
miss-matched clubs you just rented are going to work

Getting the Most from Golf Lessons

It’s never easy asking for help, but in golf, it is
almost a necessity. Unfortunately, we often ask our
buddies and partners, when in reality we should take a
lesson or two.

We think that a Pro would critique harshly, but they
are honest, positive and very helpful.

Lessons at the local course aren’t as expensive as you
might think and they are worth it because your game
will improve rapidly and cause you less frustration,
making the game much more enjoyable for you.

Golf Etiquette

Golf is a dignified game of rules and manners, and
it’s important to know the basics before you play for
the first time.

Whether you are playing alone, in a twosome or a
foursome, you must wait your turn. You must keep aware
of the group on the next hole and wait until they are
well ahead of you before hitting your ball.

It’s never cool to "push" the group in front of you.
If you are playing with others, wait for your turn to
hit the ball; never hit at the same time as another

While you wait for your turn, go to your ball and
determine what club you’ll need and how you are going
to hit it. This is called "ready golf" and keeps the
game moving. Don’t rush, just be ready.