Thursday, November 4, 2010

Golf Etiquette

Golf is a dignified game of rules and manners, and
it’s important to know the basics before you play for
the first time.

Whether you are playing alone, in a twosome or a
foursome, you must wait your turn. You must keep aware
of the group on the next hole and wait until they are
well ahead of you before hitting your ball.

It’s never cool to "push" the group in front of you.
If you are playing with others, wait for your turn to
hit the ball; never hit at the same time as another

While you wait for your turn, go to your ball and
determine what club you’ll need and how you are going
to hit it. This is called "ready golf" and keeps the
game moving. Don’t rush, just be ready.

If your team is holding up the players behind you, let
them play through. You would simply wave them through,
or if they are close enough, ask them if they’d like
to play through. You will never make an enemy in doing

When someone is making a shot, you should be behind
them and you shouldn’t make a sound! It is so
distracting to be ready to tee off and just as you
pull back, someone decides to jingle in coins in their
pocket or noisily unwrap a piece of candy.

Replace your divots. When, in the fairway, you hit the
ball and a clod of dirt and grass goes flying, replace
it. On some courses you just put the clod back and
step on it to press it on; on most courses, there is a
sand/seed mixture on your card to put into the divot.
If your ball makes a deep impression when it lands on
the green, use your divot tool to repair it.

As soon as you have completed a hole, replace the flag
and leave the green so that the next players can play.
Count your score and write it on the scorecard when
you’re back at your cart.

Of course, there are many more rules of golf, but
these simple ones will enable you to get through the
course without coming to blows with anyone. We must
all keep the game dignified, right?